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Product Details:
  • Material:Memory Foam 
Product Highlight:
  • Triple curvature pillow, enhances sleeping posture and reduces snoring problems
  • 1st curve: Cervical contour helps to position your shoulder and neck steadily while sleeping on your back, thus reducing switch at night
  • 2nd curve: Stabilizing curve, low in the middle and high on both sides provide optimal comfort for both back and side sleeper.
  • 3rd curve: Raised side section, lift and supports neck and shoulder

Measurement :

  • 60cm x 35cm + 11cm/6cm

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MLily Advanced Memory Foam Pillow

  • Brand: Mlily
  • Product Code: 120560-Mlily Advanced Memory Foam Pillow
  • SKU: 120560-Mlily Advanced Memory Foam Pillow
  • Availability: In Stock
  • RM170.00

Tags: mlily, advanced, memory, foam, pillow, bolster bedding